Sick & Single mommin’ like a BOSS!

Sick & Single mommin’ like a BOSS!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I’m never sick and by never I mean like 3 times in my life. Good genes possibly and good choices as I get older.

People often say (usually married people or peeps w/o kids) “I don’t know how you do it.” Let me say that in an ideal scenario I’d have a husband and we would raise our children together BUT that isn’t the case for me.

Im so used to being a single mom that it’s not a task but a privilege. Not to say it’s not for others but selfishly (yep, admitting that ✋🏻) I don’t miss out on a thing – every meal, bath, nighttime story, hugs, kisses, I love you’s, etc. I usually respond to the married couples and say I have it easier because I don’t get breaks.. meaning: if my hubs handled bath time nightly for example then went out of town for a week it would be harder for me to adjust. Know what I’m saying?

BUT for the last 3 weeks I’ve been “sick” with an infection that’s caused me to have zero appetite and because of that I literally have forgotten lunch times for my little (mom FAIL) and dinner has become a chore instead of an act of love w/ Bob Marley or the like playing in the background.

I’m petite anyway at 5’2 & 110-115 but went to the doctor a few days ago and weighed in at 101. I nearly lost my mind. Luckily I still have energy to take my little on adventures & my appetite is increasing 🙌🏻 but I’m forced to take two major antibiotics (which I can NOT stand) & before I’m ridiculed for that that me say I am thankful for western medicine. It helps many people. However, I CHOOSE food as medicine, homeopathy, etc. so taking antibiotics that effects my gut I so carefully take care of is a hard pill to swallow. Literally and figuratively. 🤣

Allllllll of this brings me to these thoughts that as much as I want to be supermom I’m still a human susceptible to anything everyone else is. And although I know that I don’t want to accept that.

I’m all my children have. Yes we have family and friends but I’m really it for them. Truly. Hug your babies tight and enjoy every.single.moment because as cliche as it is – tomorrow isn’t promised.

* Im not dying btw at least not anytime soon! * 😘