Sorry Not Sorry?

Sorry Not Sorry?

Why is everyone so offended these days? Oh, I probably just offended you, oops. I’m not heartless, ignorant or self righteous but I truly don’t get it.

The “Baby It’s Cold Outside” controversy right now is baffling to me. I’ve heard the song a bazillion times in my life and I guess just never sat down to analyze every word. Who has the time between dry shampoo days and soccer games? Am I sad that women (and men for that matter) have been violated and objectified? Of course! Am I sad for someone that’s heard it and feels that way over again? Sure. But what’s the answer? In my humble opinion there isn’t one.

I’m a Christian so I hate the LGBTQ community? I practice Wicca so I’m evil? I had premarital sex so I’m a whore? I had a child out of wedlock (make that two – gasp) and they’re “bastards”? I’m a republican so I hate pro-choice? I’m a democrat so I have no scruples? I eat organic so I’m better than you? I bed share so I’m a pedophile? My child was sleep trained so she was neglected? I’m white so I can’t possibly understand anything because of my privilege? I’m a minority so I must be uneducated and headed to prison? I mean What in The actual Fuck? Need I go on? Okay, I will… I don’t allow my son to see his father so I’m awful? I allow my son to and I’m awful. I’m not Jewish so I can’t embrace Hanukah? I’m not a Christian so you can’t say Christmas you must say happy holidays? I’m on an antidepressant so I’m broken? I cuss so I can’t love Jesus? I support equality so I have no moral compass? I don’t support gay marriage and I have no moral compass? My child has a breakdown in public so I must not be disciplining? I spank my child and CPS needs to be called immediately? Is it not possible to support the police but not support police brutality?

This is an ever changing world and thank God for that. Progress has been made yet there is a long way to go. I still don’t know that being politically correct all of the time is right. I mean honestly, if you feel a certain way in your bones and you don’t communicate like a reasonable person to another reasonable person(s) and you follow politically correct protocol then aren’t we just a bunch of liars? The only way to change is to LEARN from one another. Civilly. You know, because we have made progress? I accidentally cut someone off in line today so I paid for their coffee. I didn’t know if he was a killer, a rapist, gay, a bigot, a father, an asshole but just that he was human. * For the record: had he of been a killer, rapist, or bigot I prob would have flipped him off & sped away while listening to my Christian radio station and calling him every profanity my mouth could muster under my breath or not since Jack said “What the hell is that?” while pointing at a weird bug later on in the day. 😬 * Wait, should I not have called the bug weird? Jesus take the wheel.. I don’t know if that’s on the appropriate list or not. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

It seems like I’m making light of horrific things that have happened to people, cultures, societies, etc. and I’m truly not. Injustices piss me off just like they do you. But let that fire inside you drive YOU to be better. Live and let live. Be kind. Don’t be an asshole. Join civilized organizations or groups to make a difference. Peacefully protest for change. Make your voice be heard. You just don’t have to condemn and judge others to do so. We are ALL a work in progress. We have ALL been mistreated. Guaranteed. And pain is pain. We are ALL working through trauma of some sort. Because we are ALL human. ✌🏻

Edit: those that have sexually and/or physically assaulted, verbally and/or mentally abused, etc. ANY man, woman, or child should absolutely be criminalized or rehabilitated based on the case. I am in NO way saying that that is okay because it is NOT and if you’ve read my other blogs or know my story you’d know that to be true.

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Memorial Day Weekend! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Memorial Day Weekend! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

This was a busy and fun weekend. We went swimming, visiting friends, saw my grandma 😍, talked about the true meaning of today, & then a little science because why not when your little dresses up like a skeleton?

Jack and I both really enjoy the outdoors. Swimming allows him (& most children) the freedom to MOVE. That’s one thing that’s super important to me and why I really enjoy homeschooling.. they get to move! How we expect 3, 4, 5 year olds, etc. to sit still for a lengthy point of time is beyond me. (source: blog)

And watching the growth of his swimming from last year until this was awe-mazing! Is he an Olympic swimmer? No. πŸ˜‚ But the independence and motivation was beautiful to watch.

We also went to the fire station. *FYI – at Jacks 2yo bday party the local fire station brought a truck to my house (for free) so that the kids could see the truck up close and personal. He’s always been OBSESSED w/ fire trucks/fighters so this was a win for us. Thank me later.* Jack goes often but we took his friend this time too.

Both of us (my friend and I) are single moms. Our precious babes don’t see their fathers so not only is going to the fire station fun and they learn but it also shows the boys that men aren’t to be frightened of (in our case) and that we can trust them. I encourage all mommas to go but especially to teach them a respect for first responders. We hit up the police station too a few weeks ago. πŸ‘πŸ»

Then we let the babes play outside while we drank wine.. I mean chilled and took it back to the old school with hop scotch. You would have thought these kids were taken to Disney. They LOVED it. Not only fun but helped with gross motor skills and reinforced counting and number recognition.

Puppy brother got a treat too. He’s soooo basic!

But then today we visited my grandmother. She lost her husband in 1961 when his plane went missing and was never found. I have been talking to Jackson all week about this. Gently and age appropriately. She never remarried bc he was her love

and the respect I have for her as a sudden single mother of 3 is unexplainable. To all of our fallen hero’s & their families, our hearts were with you today and always.Now a pic of my sweet boss babe!