Learning Toy Review

Learning Toy Review

I bought this from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Magnetic-Anatomy-Storage/dp/B001SVX6NI

Annnnnnd I love it!

Jack is always dressing up and if it’s not a firefighter, policeman, or a caped & masked hero of some kind it’s this entirely too small and pelvis missing skeleton costume. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ So, this evening he put it on and I had an idea to pull out this set I’ve been holding onto for Summer learning.

It has a magnetic base (skeleton) which is a great tool to learn bones & then you attach different systems to it.

It has an organ system both for males and females. My uncle had a liver transplant in January and so we have talked a lot about different organs but this was age appropriate and clear.

It has the vascular system which gave a visual to our talks about blood and what it does in our body.

It has a muscular system again giving a visual to talks during yoga, running, etc. and eating right for our muscles.

It has two naked bodies; 1) representing a male and 2) representing a female. We are very open.. I always have been with both boys. Jack knows the technical term for his genitalia and he knows mine. *Side note: while he has a name for his “peep” I think it’s super important that children know from an early age the technical term for a number of reasons but one being in the case of sexual assault.*

And it has clothes to makes the bodies dressed.

He loved putting all of the different systems together and asking questions about each. We love this! Now — let me add that I realize that MANY people do not identify with one gender. I also realize that many like gender neutral items. I get that. I’ve never directed him to choose anything simply because he’s a “boy” in fact I’ve embraced whatever he’s drawn to. He so happens to really love cars and trucks so they take up most of the house but we have a Barbie in the shower as we speak. I am in no way shaming ANYONE at all because this happens to be boy/girl nor am I discluding or discrediting or demeaning. We do do not live in a box and embrace all people. Period. With that said, I do really like this as a teaching tool for my little.

One love. โค๏ธ

Parental Choice or Mandated Vaccines?

Parental Choice or Mandated Vaccines?

“Unvaccinated children put people with compromised immune systems, babies too young to get them, the elderly, & my vaccinated child at risk!” Right? Wrong. Plain and simple.

When a child has received their vaccines they are unable to be exposed to an illness bc they are covered in a bubble wrap of immunity. — Is this statement logical? I mean I sneeze in your face and you’re exposed to my germs. Exposure is exposer. Let me give you an example. Say there are 1000 people in a closed room and all but 5 were fully vaccinated yet the entire room was exposed. Then say out of the 995 that were vaxxed 7 become infected even though the CDC says vaccines are 99% effective. Did you know this happens to 58% of vaccinated peeps per the CDC? In 2011, a NYC “outbreak” was traced to a 22yo woman that was fully vaxxed, got the measles AND spread it to 4 other people again, fully vaxxed. AND in Orange County a few years ago 18% of those that got sick from Disney had been fully immunized. ๐Ÿค”

Let’s take a look at the CDCs recommended schedule..And now lets look at the schedule from when I was little.WHOA! Quite a difference. And I survived.

Today we (Jack & I) spent the afternoon canvassing some neighborhoods. There is a Senator in my state that is trying to mandate vaccines. And his opponent is for parental rights. I am not anti-vaccine. At all. However, I am pro-safe vaccine and they simply don’t exist. I hear so many say “Yes but these things exist everywhere; our water, air, vegetables, etc. And yes they do… gotta give them credit. BUT, there’s a major difference between ingesting and injecting.

Ingesting: Mercury for example – most in tuna for instance doesn’t enter the body but the amount that does is passed through (you guessed it) poop. The mercury that is absorbed is metabolized, absorbed through the gut then liver which is called “First Pass”. It’s then conjugated by glutathione that’s passed through bile and waste.

Injected: It’s metabolized into the more toxic and harmful methylmercury. Because it’s injected it doesn’t have the option of the “First Pass” through the liver where it can be filtered but instead circulates throughout ALL of the other tissues and organs. It binds with certain tissues that includes neurological, brain, kidneys, etc. This is long term and harmful.Expecting mommas receiving vaccines while pregnant have an increased risk of their baby’s toxicity levels being greater because mercury crosses the blood brain barrier and the placenta which can contribute to neurological abnormalities such as developmental delays.

Concentrations in vaccines and immunoglobulin range between 0.005 & 0.02% which is non toxic. BUT, babies rarely get a single vaccine at a time but multiple vaccines over a short time span per the CDC recommendation. This repeated exposure increases risk for mercury toxicity resulting in vaccine injury. PLUS synergistic toxicity (Synergism comes from the Greek word “synergos” meaning working together. … In toxicology, synergism refers to the effect caused when exposure to two or more chemicals at as time results in health effects that are greater than the sum of the effects of the individual chemicals.) of vaccines hasn’t been studied. So we don’t know the effect of vaccines on those that are susceptible to a lessened ability to excrete toxins.

AND what about the other ingredients listed? Like… aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde, DNA from other species such as monkeys, etc.? NONE have been evaluated for their carcinogenic potential, etc.

Allllllll of this to say where there is risk there must be a choice. No parent says “Hey, I really hope my baby gets measles.” No parent would spoon feed their littles toxic chemicals either.

* Let me add that both of my children were vaccinated selectively and at a slower pace although not to completion. No judgment from me ever. You do what’s right for YOUR family. Let me also add that we stopped vaccinating early on.

A lesson in patience and learning

A lesson in patience and learning

Jack is super interested in the how’s.. what 4 year old isn’t? I wanted to find something that he (we) could learn from by watching. I also want him to be aware of nature and to be kind to all kind of creatures.

I ordered this kit from amazon

And then ordered the caterpillars. We received them April 13th – 10 days ago and we have been watching them daily to see their growth.

TODAY on day 10 we have a Chrysalis!

And now we wait another 10-14 days before these babes turn into butterflies!

This has been an easy (besides the patience part ๐Ÿ˜) learning experience. And so much fun. Learning can happen anywhere even on the kitchen counter. This book has been an amazing tool to teach Jack about the entire process.