Learning Toy Review

Learning Toy Review

I bought this from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Magnetic-Anatomy-Storage/dp/B001SVX6NI

Annnnnnd I love it!

Jack is always dressing up and if it’s not a firefighter, policeman, or a caped & masked hero of some kind it’s this entirely too small and pelvis missing skeleton costume. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So, this evening he put it on and I had an idea to pull out this set I’ve been holding onto for Summer learning.

It has a magnetic base (skeleton) which is a great tool to learn bones & then you attach different systems to it.

It has an organ system both for males and females. My uncle had a liver transplant in January and so we have talked a lot about different organs but this was age appropriate and clear.

It has the vascular system which gave a visual to our talks about blood and what it does in our body.

It has a muscular system again giving a visual to talks during yoga, running, etc. and eating right for our muscles.

It has two naked bodies; 1) representing a male and 2) representing a female. We are very open.. I always have been with both boys. Jack knows the technical term for his genitalia and he knows mine. *Side note: while he has a name for his “peep” I think it’s super important that children know from an early age the technical term for a number of reasons but one being in the case of sexual assault.*

And it has clothes to makes the bodies dressed.

He loved putting all of the different systems together and asking questions about each. We love this! Now — let me add that I realize that MANY people do not identify with one gender. I also realize that many like gender neutral items. I get that. I’ve never directed him to choose anything simply because he’s a “boy” in fact I’ve embraced whatever he’s drawn to. He so happens to really love cars and trucks so they take up most of the house but we have a Barbie in the shower as we speak. I am in no way shaming ANYONE at all because this happens to be boy/girl nor am I discluding or discrediting or demeaning. We do do not live in a box and embrace all people. Period. With that said, I do really like this as a teaching tool for my little.

One love. ❤️